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'Kay. I still haven't done the xp yet. I plan to do it later today, after I've looked at some jobs. Once the XP is worked out, I'll do the money. Provided I haven't gone crazy with some kind of numbers-related sickness. Then I'll play Vice City some more.

Guess what? I bought a BattleMat! No more guesstimating distances for us! It's grids and/or hexes all the way, baby! Trust me, this'll be usefl in the dungeon crawls.

Some day I do want to play some d20 Modern. Who else?


Here are the XP totals.

Glim: 17438
Agi: 12092
Taryn: 16512
Keth: 17138
Caesar: 2966

What does this mean? This means... EVERYONE WENT UP A LEVEL! Except for Mr Wing-a-ling. And Xaod.

Still working on the loot totals. You guys are getting taxed up the wazoo, you reaslise.


I've realised that I don't have Taryn's character sheet. Sally, is it still at your house? And if you aren't reading this, Stu, can you find out for me?
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