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Another update

I promised it, you barely nagged at all, and here it is! Presenting...


Glim: 14472
Agi: 12092
Taryn: 13546
Keth: 14172
Jude: is dead. But if he were alive, he'd have gotten up to 13010.

Now for the DVD commentary on your scores. Firstly, NO-ONE went up a level. You need to get to 15000 for that, which means you'll have to go on more pot-holing expeditions to slap goblins about. Secondly, you were all scored according to your actions. Taryn and Glim single-handedly (is that the right word when there's two of them?) dealt with the 4 Hobs at the gate, so that XP goes to them. We all got XP for the dogs and the Hobs at the Temple entrance. Jude got full XP for all the foes he fought up to his unfortunate demise. Taryn got half XP for foes inside the Temple, because whilst running around outside was a decent strategy, it didn't really help defeat the Hobgoblins. Still, she did shout the odd translation, snipe and climb. Agi's total is lower because he's the new guy and is starting from the base 10000 XP for level 5.

As for Jude, here's the list of his stuff for appraisal and dibs-calling (unless you're feeling reverent and wish to bury it with him or some jazz):

+1 Bastard Sword
+1 Mace
+1 Rapier (is it just me, or do ALL of Stu's characters end up with one of these?)
Dragonhide Breastplate (If no-one else wants it, Keth calls dibs - he can wear it, y'know, 'cos he's a Druid!)
+1 Heavy Wooden Shield
Cloak of Protection +1
Potions: Bull's Str, Cure Light, Cure Mod x2, Fly
Chainmail Barding
8 cp

There ya go. Combined with the loot you guys got in the Temple, there's quite a haul. It may be worthwhile making a trip to Verbobonc (God, I hate that name. Bloody Gnomes.) to sell it all as it would take ages to unload it all in Hommlet (selling everything, severely unbalancing the economy by taking all of the town's money, waiting for things to stabilise and doing it all again and again is a chore). Plus, you've still got to identify stuff. Either you can pay for it, or hope Stu's new character is useful in that way.

See y'all next session, where you may a) go on a big-city shopping trip adventure, b) RETURN to the Temple of Elemental Evil (where have I heard that before?) and explore/clean out any buildings that you missed, c)check out the haunted village of Nulb, d) make the journey to the hamlet of Rastor to follow up on the big Temple conspiracy, or e) stand around aimlessly in the wilderness and get eaten by bears.

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