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Sack o' Loot

Hey y’all. A while back I promised the Temple treasure would be put up here, and haven’t done it yet. Sorry about that, I’ve been distracted by things (I bought Return to Castle Wolfenstein for ten bucks! Undead Nazis up the wazoo!). So without further ado...

(BTW, this assumes that all of the potions and scrolls are swiftly identified and read by your buddy Spugnoir the Potionseller. Everything else you’ve still got to Identify and/or Appraise. the numbers are also the area numbers with loot in them... or at least the ones that you visited...)

1. Outside Guards. The four Hobgoblins you dealt with here, just like all the others in the temple, packed d10 gp each, for an average of 5 each or 20 in total.

5. Entrance. Four Hobs. 20gp.

8. Camp. Ten Hobs. 50 gp.

10. Elite Warriors. These 6 guys had spent all of their money on good equipment. Each wore banded mail and carried a masterwork greatsword. They drank their potions of bull’s strength when the alarm was raised.

12. Adept’s Quarters. The slimy hobgoblin shaman kept a potion of cure light wounds under his pillow for emergencies. In a locked chest (easily opened) he kept 110 gp. The shaman himself carried a magical chain shirt, a masterwork Morningstar, an amulet, a brooch (he carried this in a pocket, unable to wear it with his amulet), a wand, a scroll of Cure Serious Wounds and three potions – Cure Moderate Wounds, Bears Endurance and Glibness.

15. Commander’s Quarters. This is where the Commander kept the tribe’s precious, carefully bandited loot. 3 bags, one with 845 cp, one with 698 sp and one with 572 gp. A bronze statue of a mounted Elf warrior, weighing 200 pounds. A small iron box containing ten bloodstone gems in silk padding. A bolt of cloth with gold embroidery. A suit of Full Plate armour (obviously it didn’t fit the commander, otherwise he would’ve worn it). A large box wrapped in iron chain and padlocked (easily opened using a key hidden under a pillow), containing a golden flagon with obsidian inlays, a silver platter, six smokesticks (alchemical item, makes smoke), a flask of holy water and a painting of a green dragon.

16. Throne. Here you confronted the commander himself and his various bodyguards. His three goblin slaves had nothing of value, the two hobgoblin elites had the same as their fellows above. The commander carried magical chainmail, a magical two-bladed sword, a masterwork light crossbow, a potion of Cure Moderate Wounds and a potion of Spider Climb.

So in total, you guys picked up:
845 cp
698 sp
772 gp
8 suits of banded mail
1 suit of full plate
8 mw greatswords
1 mw Morningstar
1 mw light crossbow
Potions: Cure Mod x 2, Glibness, Bear’s Endurance and Spider Climb.
Scroll of Cure Serious
Magical: chainmail, two bladed sword, chain shirt.
1 statue (big)
10 gems
1 flagon
1 silver platter
6 smokesticks
1 holy water
1 painting

There. That’s all of it. After hurriedly grabbing up the treasure, looting the bodies and gathering up Jude’s corpse (you can divvy up his stuff at his funeral, unless you wish to Raise him [which won’t work if he doesn’t wish to return – the Wild Elf afterlife ha got to be fun]), you find that the cowering hobgoblin young have fled, along with the remaining goblin slaves. The solitary human slave comes with you back to Hommlet. You head back there immediately, leaving the other Temple buildings to be explored another day... after all, it’s getting dark, and the Temple of Elemental Evil is no place to be at night, even for big bad adventurers. Especially with the corpse of a fallen comrade.

Da da da DUUUUM!

Oh yeah, I'll post another thing about XP some time.
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