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'Kay. We have a plan for the next session. Saturday the 5th of march, that's thiscoming saturday. Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil. Venue yet to be decided. Bring one kitten, or more for feasting purposes. And now, for a recap:

Our heroes, consisting of Taryn the Fedora-wearing Rogue archeologist (a much more dignified title than 'thief'), Keth Foundling the tight-lipped Half Orc Druid with his trusty dog Ox, Glim the Gnome Monk and Jude the Wild Elf Barbarian, had arrived in the quaint small town of Hommlet, at place dripping with heritage and legacies of evil. After poking around town a while and soaking in the eccentricities of the locals, they headed out to the nearby Moathouse in search of adventure, treasure and possibly local potion seller Spugnoir, who had gone missing. They were accompanied by the smarmy Gnome Illusionist, Nierethi Poscurian. In a display of derring-do, they slew a young blue dragon atop the moathouse, and made their way into its depths, where they discovered the missing potion seller, along with gnolls, undead and a mad cultist, seeingly collecting artifacts. Upon investigation, these items had links to both the cults of the Elder Elemental Eye, master of Elemental Evil, and Tharzidun, the mad god of insanity and entropy. What do these mean? Our heroes intead to find out by returningto the Moathouse... unless they get bored and decide to look into the various other adventure spots, such as the Temple itself, or the haunted vilage of Nulb.
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