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Bah, Humbug [22 Dec 2005|01:15pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Merry Xmas ("Santa Claus is gunning you down!") to all you crazy kids. In keeping with the spirit of the season, here's a link to Santa's official D&D stats. Go nuts.


PS: When are we gonna play again? I'm not working between Xmas & New Years.

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RttToEE Intro Movie [03 Oct 2005|09:36am]

[ mood | impressed ]

Just been exploring the RttToEE message boards and stumbled across the following:


T'was made from various images from the adventure itself and other WotC products, as well as cutscenes from the ToEE computer game. Very classy. In several ways, much better than just me reading out the text at the start of the adventure (though that could've been imagined as scrolling text, Star Wars style).

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So yeah... [20 Jul 2005|02:27pm]

[ mood | embarrassed ]

There may be some hiccups re. this friday's game. I've got an accursed WorkDirections meeting at 2:30 pm that day, and I don't know how long it'll go for. Stu has suggested playing, breaking for the meeting, then resuming, but I'm concerned that this may interrrupt the flow too much, and be a hassle for all concerned. Another possibility could be some kind of night game, but I'm open to any and all ideas.

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'Kay... [12 Jul 2005|07:50pm]

[ mood | surprised ]

It seems that I have made an error in my calculations. It seems that you actually got MORE experience than I thought you had previously. As a result...


...except Keth. Boo. He dosen't believe in causing unnecessary injury to animals, otherwise he'd've slaughtered some livestock for the 32 XP he's short. Plus, Agi is still stuck at level 6 as we still haven't levelled him up (I'll assume that he went off partying with the rest of the Dwarves).

So that makes Glim and Taryn level 7 (!), Caesar level 2 (effectively 6) and Xaod level 5 (cue the horsey!).

Not bad for a single poorly-planned invasion of an evil (and admittedly disorganised) temple.

See you on the morrow with my great list of Booty (unaffilliated with any and all black girls' asses).

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My turn to say it... [09 Jul 2005|12:26pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

When we gonna play? Huh? Huh? When? (grins idiotically like a puppy)

I worked out the XP but don't have the totals with me. Caesar and Xaod went up a level to two and 5 respectively. Yet to total the lewt.

In the meantime, check out Dungeon Crawl Inc. Another gaming comic, using Baldur's Gate sprites, then later hand drawings.

Alien Loves Predator is fun too.

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[24 Jun 2005|12:38pm]

[ mood | productive ]

I have successfully navigated the Great Account-Sea, skirting the shores of Bankrupt-sea (get it? Remember that movie at the start of Meaning of Life?), and have emerged semi-scathed with the GP totals.

I've made a few assumptions here. The first one is that Xaod came with you to the city and is recieving a half-share as befits a hireling. Secondly, whilst Keth isn't there as he hates cities, he's still getting a full share that you guys will hopefully keep in trust for him. Thirdly, I left out all of the items that you guys may want/have a use for. I was uncertain as to whether the Mithril Shirt and Darkwood Shield were being kept (Taryn could find them handy as a rogue... no armour check penalties), so I worked out two totals, one with and one without them.

The items you kept were: +1 Ghost Touch Longsword (not sure who this'll go to, but its too good to sell), the +1 chain shirt (Caesar already called it), the 6 smokesticks and 1 holy water (on peoples sheets i think) and the Chainmail Barding (Xaod requests it for his horse).

The shares: Each party member gets 3918 or 3794 GP, having sold or not sold the shield'n'shirt. Xaod gets 1781 or 1724.

Add that to your curren gold totals and you may be able to buy some handy gear and/or upgrade your current gear.

See y'all tomorrow when we game! Shopping, then a trip to the mountains are in store.

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Intentions [22 Jun 2005|09:41am]

[ mood | awake ]

'Kay. I still haven't done the xp yet. I plan to do it later today, after I've looked at some jobs. Once the XP is worked out, I'll do the money. Provided I haven't gone crazy with some kind of numbers-related sickness. Then I'll play Vice City some more.

Guess what? I bought a BattleMat! No more guesstimating distances for us! It's grids and/or hexes all the way, baby! Trust me, this'll be usefl in the dungeon crawls.

Some day I do want to play some d20 Modern. Who else?


Here are the XP totals.

Glim: 17438
Agi: 12092
Taryn: 16512
Keth: 17138
Caesar: 2966

What does this mean? This means... EVERYONE WENT UP A LEVEL! Except for Mr Wing-a-ling. And Xaod.

Still working on the loot totals. You guys are getting taxed up the wazoo, you reaslise.


I've realised that I don't have Taryn's character sheet. Sally, is it still at your house? And if you aren't reading this, Stu, can you find out for me?

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Another update [02 Jun 2005|09:15am]

[ mood | naughty ]

I promised it, you barely nagged at all, and here it is! Presenting...


Glim: 14472
Agi: 12092
Taryn: 13546
Keth: 14172
Jude: is dead. But if he were alive, he'd have gotten up to 13010.

Now for the DVD commentary on your scores. Firstly, NO-ONE went up a level. You need to get to 15000 for that, which means you'll have to go on more pot-holing expeditions to slap goblins about. Secondly, you were all scored according to your actions. Taryn and Glim single-handedly (is that the right word when there's two of them?) dealt with the 4 Hobs at the gate, so that XP goes to them. We all got XP for the dogs and the Hobs at the Temple entrance. Jude got full XP for all the foes he fought up to his unfortunate demise. Taryn got half XP for foes inside the Temple, because whilst running around outside was a decent strategy, it didn't really help defeat the Hobgoblins. Still, she did shout the odd translation, snipe and climb. Agi's total is lower because he's the new guy and is starting from the base 10000 XP for level 5.

As for Jude, here's the list of his stuff for appraisal and dibs-calling (unless you're feeling reverent and wish to bury it with him or some jazz):

+1 Bastard Sword
+1 Mace
+1 Rapier (is it just me, or do ALL of Stu's characters end up with one of these?)
Dragonhide Breastplate (If no-one else wants it, Keth calls dibs - he can wear it, y'know, 'cos he's a Druid!)
+1 Heavy Wooden Shield
Cloak of Protection +1
Potions: Bull's Str, Cure Light, Cure Mod x2, Fly
Chainmail Barding
8 cp

There ya go. Combined with the loot you guys got in the Temple, there's quite a haul. It may be worthwhile making a trip to Verbobonc (God, I hate that name. Bloody Gnomes.) to sell it all as it would take ages to unload it all in Hommlet (selling everything, severely unbalancing the economy by taking all of the town's money, waiting for things to stabilise and doing it all again and again is a chore). Plus, you've still got to identify stuff. Either you can pay for it, or hope Stu's new character is useful in that way.

See y'all next session, where you may a) go on a big-city shopping trip adventure, b) RETURN to the Temple of Elemental Evil (where have I heard that before?) and explore/clean out any buildings that you missed, c)check out the haunted village of Nulb, d) make the journey to the hamlet of Rastor to follow up on the big Temple conspiracy, or e) stand around aimlessly in the wilderness and get eaten by bears.


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Sack o' Loot [18 May 2005|10:38am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey y’all. A while back I promised the Temple treasure would be put up here, and haven’t done it yet. Sorry about that, I’ve been distracted by things (I bought Return to Castle Wolfenstein for ten bucks! Undead Nazis up the wazoo!). So without further ado...

(BTW, this assumes that all of the potions and scrolls are swiftly identified and read by your buddy Spugnoir the Potionseller. Everything else you’ve still got to Identify and/or Appraise. the numbers are also the area numbers with loot in them... or at least the ones that you visited...)

1. Outside Guards. The four Hobgoblins you dealt with here, just like all the others in the temple, packed d10 gp each, for an average of 5 each or 20 in total.

5. Entrance. Four Hobs. 20gp.

8. Camp. Ten Hobs. 50 gp.

10. Elite Warriors. These 6 guys had spent all of their money on good equipment. Each wore banded mail and carried a masterwork greatsword. They drank their potions of bull’s strength when the alarm was raised.

12. Adept’s Quarters. The slimy hobgoblin shaman kept a potion of cure light wounds under his pillow for emergencies. In a locked chest (easily opened) he kept 110 gp. The shaman himself carried a magical chain shirt, a masterwork Morningstar, an amulet, a brooch (he carried this in a pocket, unable to wear it with his amulet), a wand, a scroll of Cure Serious Wounds and three potions – Cure Moderate Wounds, Bears Endurance and Glibness.

15. Commander’s Quarters. This is where the Commander kept the tribe’s precious, carefully bandited loot. 3 bags, one with 845 cp, one with 698 sp and one with 572 gp. A bronze statue of a mounted Elf warrior, weighing 200 pounds. A small iron box containing ten bloodstone gems in silk padding. A bolt of cloth with gold embroidery. A suit of Full Plate armour (obviously it didn’t fit the commander, otherwise he would’ve worn it). A large box wrapped in iron chain and padlocked (easily opened using a key hidden under a pillow), containing a golden flagon with obsidian inlays, a silver platter, six smokesticks (alchemical item, makes smoke), a flask of holy water and a painting of a green dragon.

16. Throne. Here you confronted the commander himself and his various bodyguards. His three goblin slaves had nothing of value, the two hobgoblin elites had the same as their fellows above. The commander carried magical chainmail, a magical two-bladed sword, a masterwork light crossbow, a potion of Cure Moderate Wounds and a potion of Spider Climb.

So in total, you guys picked up:
845 cp
698 sp
772 gp
8 suits of banded mail
1 suit of full plate
8 mw greatswords
1 mw Morningstar
1 mw light crossbow
Potions: Cure Mod x 2, Glibness, Bear’s Endurance and Spider Climb.
Scroll of Cure Serious
Magical: chainmail, two bladed sword, chain shirt.
1 statue (big)
10 gems
1 flagon
1 silver platter
6 smokesticks
1 holy water
1 painting

There. That’s all of it. After hurriedly grabbing up the treasure, looting the bodies and gathering up Jude’s corpse (you can divvy up his stuff at his funeral, unless you wish to Raise him [which won’t work if he doesn’t wish to return – the Wild Elf afterlife ha got to be fun]), you find that the cowering hobgoblin young have fled, along with the remaining goblin slaves. The solitary human slave comes with you back to Hommlet. You head back there immediately, leaving the other Temple buildings to be explored another day... after all, it’s getting dark, and the Temple of Elemental Evil is no place to be at night, even for big bad adventurers. Especially with the corpse of a fallen comrade.

Da da da DUUUUM!

Oh yeah, I'll post another thing about XP some time.

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GAME OOOOOOOOOOON!!!! [27 Feb 2005|03:13pm]

[ mood | excited ]

'Kay. We have a plan for the next session. Saturday the 5th of march, that's thiscoming saturday. Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil. Venue yet to be decided. Bring one kitten, or more for feasting purposes. And now, for a recap:

Our heroes, consisting of Taryn the Fedora-wearing Rogue archeologist (a much more dignified title than 'thief'), Keth Foundling the tight-lipped Half Orc Druid with his trusty dog Ox, Glim the Gnome Monk and Jude the Wild Elf Barbarian, had arrived in the quaint small town of Hommlet, at place dripping with heritage and legacies of evil. After poking around town a while and soaking in the eccentricities of the locals, they headed out to the nearby Moathouse in search of adventure, treasure and possibly local potion seller Spugnoir, who had gone missing. They were accompanied by the smarmy Gnome Illusionist, Nierethi Poscurian. In a display of derring-do, they slew a young blue dragon atop the moathouse, and made their way into its depths, where they discovered the missing potion seller, along with gnolls, undead and a mad cultist, seeingly collecting artifacts. Upon investigation, these items had links to both the cults of the Elder Elemental Eye, master of Elemental Evil, and Tharzidun, the mad god of insanity and entropy. What do these mean? Our heroes intead to find out by returningto the Moathouse... unless they get bored and decide to look into the various other adventure spots, such as the Temple itself, or the haunted vilage of Nulb.

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Damn. [11 Jan 2005|05:28pm]

[ mood | enraged ]

My mother, in a misguided effort to assist me in cleaning up my multifarious stuff, has been shredding my papers. Without my consent or knowledge. Amongst those papers were the character sheets. They're all gone now.


It's taking all of my carefully honed mental discipline to keep from spiralling into a tailspin of rage. Needless to say, I'm not pleased.


Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil, anyone? Or generic New Party Adventure? Or even Settlers of Catan?

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So... what were you doing again? [05 Jan 2005|08:30am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Hey y'all.

Firstly, pay attention to Naylor's post re. game on the 10th.

Secondly, as you DM, I demand to know... exactly what were you guys planning to do next session? Were you heading underground into the Underdark, starting a war with the Dwarven Mafia, ignoring everything and heading off to find some random dragon to slay, or what?

It just makes things easier if I have some idea, so I can prepare for all eventualities/find the most kickarse ways of killing y'all imaginable.

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Through the eyes of Xilodel [29 Nov 2004|10:10am]

After many pints in the pub I've decided that my exploits are not being sufficiently recorded by Marleybone in his musings and thus have taken to recording personal entries.

Significantly I feel misunderstood and am hoping that I can clear up any misapprehensions individuals may have of me.

I should thank Zac for rewording those last sentences for me, it makes alot more sense now.

Yesterday was interesting, I almost died, many many times. I think i'm getting used to embracing near death like a sultry wench with a bad temprament. It's really Davros' fault, it was him who told me to stand on the door. What do you know, I go stand on the door WHOMP fireball in the belly.

I wasn't to know this at the time, but apparently we'd shitted the assassins guild so significantly that they'd sent their big dude after us. Like the head honcho guy, it was him who tried to stab me the bastard. Well obviously as you do, I didn't take to being stabbed well, calling out for help I decided I too wanted to unleash a fireball up HIS arse!

Chase chase chase, cause the bugger wouldn't stand still, I find myself in the middle of an ambush. Choice, stay alive or kill the bastard. Best three electricity arrows ever! I wish i had lackeys, then they could come and get me when i die and hide me away.

Needless to say I wanted that guys head as a trophy for the pub, so when they took him away we followed with all due haste. Bob's your uncle, fanny's your aunt, we end up in some dodgy guantlet with traps galore and incompetant guards.

This is where I believe I should be able to explain my actions, because everytime gror retells the story it seems to make me seem more and more of a dumbass. However, I think i did really really good. Really good indeed. Whilst I have been known to .... lets say indulge... in aspects of roguery, I never really bothered with any of the useful skills such as disarm traps. I was more interested in making really REALLY good bows! So this place, full of traps, well even if i find them I wouldn't be able to do much about it. Far better not to know when i'm likely do die and to run the guantlet with pride and honour!!!

After a couple of traps my colleagues were thinking I was insane, so they tied me to the dwarf incase i died or similar. This was not my fault. Gror has retold many times at the pub how we fell down a chasm of doom, millions of feet deep, filled with shark infested boiling water. Its totally not true. The fact is that I'd discovered the trap when it collapsed beneath my feat, and was almost able to clear the distance.... until i felt a tug on the rope of a lazy dwarf.

This sudden inertia of the dwarf chugging along is what made me miss the distance and take myself, and gror, down the pitt.

The rest of the day was uneventful, marleybone getting pissed at me. Being told not to do or say anything, although I do believe we had far better results when gror and I did it out own way using as much needless violence as possible.

I even found another shape shifter, joys of tracking down their accursed kind for many a week. Apparently he was an assassin too, getting good at catching them. I'm probably going to get another near death experience for that though.

Anyways if you're reading this, then get the hell outta my room before i test my new bow on you. Oh and don't listen to Gror in the pub
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The beginning... [21 Nov 2004|05:33pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hail and well met, true believers!

Damn, that was a bad Stan Lee moment.

Welcome to the community for the gaming group. It may prove entertaining and/or useful and flourish, or not and languish. We'll see how things go. So, put your huzzahs and so on here, as well as your thoughts and plans for the upcoming events. Character ideas, useful/entertaining links, game plans and questions all belong on the community too.

Business: Next planned game date is the 27th of November. That's Saturday. We need a venue. And your imaginations. Be prepared for death and destruction. Oh, and some D&D too. So get thinking and post to inform the rest of us of your thoughts.


(Damn. A relapse.)

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